NAS® is an information system for internal logistics management. It combines the functionalities of the WMS, MES, and MFC systems. It enables internal material flow management and optimization, providing complete control over inventory levels and full traceability of material flow.

In the last two years of auditing I did not come across such a transparent system for material traceability, as it is implemented in the Mercator Emba d.d. –Mr. Richard Midgly, internal auditor of manufacturing processes for the international retail chain TESCO Inc.

The integration of the internal logistics management (NAS) with ERP SAP has significantly increased our capacity in the shipment preparation. Now all the data on deliveries, including the composition and identification of each outgoing load units, is sent to SAP automatically and is immediately available to all our partners in the group. –Mr. Matej Ribič, head of warehouse of final products at Henkel Slovenia d.o.o.

NAS enables full raw material and products flow tracking via batch and bar codes, and eliminates the possibility of errors. All information needed for traceability, required by the HACCP system of safe foods production, are readily available at any given time. The system itself is user friendly and very flexible –Mrs. Iva L. Kukman, head of development and quality department for the company Mercator-Emba d.d.

'The response of the NAS maintenance crew is superior. Our users have at any moment ready, available, adequate support and a qualified co-speaker. –Mr. Tomo Sarf, head of logistics at Helios d.o.o.

By integrating MES functionality in an existing WMS, realised by a NAS system, we have increased the reliability of supplying production with packing material and enable, with an unchanged number of employees, supplying production on time, despite the fact that the production has in the last decade increased by more than 400%, –Mr. Primoz Domjan, storage technologist – warehouse logistics automation project manager at Henkel Slovenia d.o.o.

NAS saves many hours of our work and also considerably enhances the accuracy of our data in all phases of the production process, which is manifested in the increased flexibility of the entire production process and in the reduction of returns. At the same time, the introduction of NAS-a increased the motivation of our employees. –Mrs. Zlata Smuk, production manager at Mercator-Emba d.d.

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