APS D.O.O. —  A company behind NAS software for internal logistic!

APS d.o.o. is a company that, since its foundation in 1990, deals with the computerization and automation of internal logistics systems in various industries. Since then we are obtaining experiences in the design, development, maintenance and support of complex internal logistics systems. We invested over 150 »engineering years« of work in our own software, while developing long-term partnership with the leading Slovenian experts in storage and transportation systems.

nas intralogistic software

From plan to realization

What we do

  • Simulation

  • Analaysis
  • Design
  • IT Management
  • Implementation
  • Go live
  • Maintenance portal
  • 24/7 support
  • Customization

Users Testimonials

»In the last two years of auditing, I did not come across such a transparent system for material traceability, as it is implemented in the Mercator Emba d.d.«

mr. Richard Midgly – internal auditor of manufacturing processes for international retail chain TESCO Inc.:

»The integration of the internal logistics management (NAS) with ERP SAP has significantly increased our capacity in the shipment preparation, as now all the data on deliveries, including the composition and identification of each outgoing load units is send to SAP automatically and is immediately available to all our partners in the group.«

mr. Matej Ribič, head of warehouse of final products, Henkel Slovenia:

»The introduction of KOMI subsystem has increased our productivity by at least 40% and significantly reduced the number of errors in the picking process.«

g. Slavko Simović, head of distribution center in DZS dd, Ljubljana: