NAS® is an information system for internal logistics management. It combines the functionalities of the WMS, WCS,MES, and MFC systems. It enables internal material flow management and optimization, providing complete control over inventory levels and full traceability of material flow

as a tool, it implement sspecific ILS systems with software engines for:

  • working with physical locations,
  • working with documents,
  • working with operations,
  • z detajlnim vodenjem lokacij sistema

It has a detailed management system for micro-locations, including:

  • different types of locations and ways to work with them,
  • 3D location visualisation,
  • detailed management of material distribution,
  • arbitrary material attributes (e.g. batch, owner, date of manufacture, expiry date, status, sales area, etc.),
  • arbitrary package hierarchies and units of measurement

NAS® can be easily integrated into your existing systems as well as those of your customers and suppliers.