With the integration of NAS® and your existing business system you avoid unnecessary duplication of data input and reduce the risk of errors. Master data such as material lists, units, customers, delivery addresses, etc are normally send from business system to NAS. As a business system usually does not lead all the necessary information, the master data can also be maintained on NAS ®-a.

The most important is the transfer of documents. These normally arise on the business system, which sends them to NAS®. NAS takes care of document execution and sends the realization data back to the business system. Typical types of handlings required by documents are:

  • takeover,
  • production,
  • movement,
  • reclassificatio,
  • dispatch.

Document realizations can be send to business system when document is closed, or concurrently with any changes in document realization. Since some business systems do not know how to combine the same events on the same day, the document realization can be send partially on a specific time intervals, eg. every 8 hours.

In our rich history, we have linked NAS with business systems such as SAP, BAAN, Navision, Kopa, MC, etc.. We can connect system using a wide variety of communication methods such as. communication via the exchange tables, communication through the exchange of files, communicate via Web services, etc..