The first step in the material flow management is material reservation. NAS® contains highly sophisticated and adjustable algorithms for material reservation, which can be set at the level of the document type, client type, material groups and materials. User can individually adjust types of reservation algorithm (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO,…). In addition user can create new types of reservation algorithm by defining parts of select statement that are at run time dynamically executed against the relational database. Apart from reservation algorithm user can adjust the outbound zones and their priorities for whole load units store-out, whole packages store-out and remains store-out.

In the phase of operations control system considers the urgency of each operation, the necessity of a document for which the operation has been generated, and the type of client to whom the document belongs. Having detailed knowledge of the environment, technology and projected activities of the system, operator can optimally allocate the operations and takes care of their smooth execution.