KOMI is hardware and software solution that allows simultaneous picking for many documents. It uses »pick by voice«, »Put To Light« and RF technologies. It leads operator on optimal allocated path through the warehouse.

Picking cart contains space for several boxes, in which it collects items for a particular order. Picking cart frame and size of boxes can be adjusted to your needs. One cart can be made to have different sized slots for boxes of different sizes.

Each slot for the box in the picking cart is equipped with PTL light that shows the status of the box and allows the operation confirmation. Cart through the use of “touch screen” terminal, cash register display and speakers leads the worker from one location to another and controls the execution of picking operations.

The introduction of KOMI subsystem has increased our productivity by at least 40% and significantly reduced the number of errors in the picking process.

Mr. Slavko Simovič, DZS d.d.