Izboljšajte učinkovitost z tabličnimi računalniki dveh priznanih proizvajalcev!

Podjetje APS d.o.o. ponuja industrijske tablice proizvajalcev Getac in DT Research. Oba proizvajalca ponujata industrijske tablice, ki so robustne, lahke in enostavne za uporabo.

Industrial manufacturing

Industrial devices allow you to control shop-floor automation systems, as well as other automation solutions for your factory, directly on your mobile workstation from anywhere in the facility, eliminating manual data collection and reducing errors.


Efficient warehouse operations require efficient workflows, accurate records, low costs and minimal handling errors. Getac’s rugged devices are built to withstand this demanding environment, operating seamlessly with leading inventory management, and WMS software to enhance visibility and maximise available space throughout the warehouse. They can also link directly with warehouse management systems, further improving operational efficiency by optimising available labour resources and reducing perishable product waste.


The Medical Tablets integrate large touch screens and high performance yet energy-efficient processors in slim, durable, bacteria-resistant packages. With data capture modules, these tablets offer health professionals effective tools to monitor, record and retrieve patient information. The Wi-Fi and 3G connection also makes data access efficient and optimizes staff workflow.